Rechargeable Dimmable 22 LED Remote Control Emergency Light Bulbs

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*22 high-brightness LED which fall into a group of 8 and a group of 14. 
*Both groups can be turned on or either of them can be turned for energy saving. 
*At usual time, it can be used as an energy saving light.
*When the main supply is cut off, its emergency function will make it automatically turn on the light.
*These functions can be controlled by a remote control, safe and convenient. 
*It can also be turned on and off at the lamp holder.
*Besides, there are two high capacity batteries inside which makes the duration time longer.
*The built-in protection circuit makes it free from worrying about the battery being overcharged.
*LED lights source need only a quarter or less power compared to traditional incandescent lamps.
*Remote only work when bulb is use with direct current (remote does not function during emergency mode)
*3 level of bright mode.
*22 LED light cool white.
*auto on/off n no sensor.
*can last 3 - 5 hrs during emergency mode.
*not solar.
*with hook n remote given (no batteries included)

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