Body Fat Composition Digital Weight Scale

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The Electric Body Composition Digital Scale is not your average weighing scale. This device does so much more than just telling you how much you weigh, it also measures body fat, bone mass, muscle mass and more. With the Body Composition Analyser you will be able know more about the state of your health. 

Product Specification:

  • Unit : kg / lb / st:lb
  • Product size :  300 X 300 X 20mm
  • Capacity : 2-180kg
  • Battery type  : 2X AAA Battery
  • Auto on/off, Low battery and Overload indication
  • Capacity : 180kg/396lb, d=0.1kg/0.21lb
  • High precision strain gauge sensors
  • Tempered safety glass platform
  • Low battery and overload indication
  • Auto on & Auto zero & Auto off
  • Measure: Weight, Fat %, Water %, Muscle %, Bone Substance %, BMI & Calorie.

More than a Weighing Scale

Unlike any other weighing scale you have ever seen, this device measures more than just weight. To start simply just key in your age and height and the device will be able to measure all your other health factors within you. It does this by using and advanced Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis technology to measure body fat, hydration, and muscle and bone percentage. Besides that the scale uses high precision strain gauge sensors system to ensure accurate weight results. 

Knowing your Health

With the ability to measure more than just your weight, this device allows you to monitor your health more effectively. This scale is especially useful for those who are on a diet or for those who are body building. The measurements provided enable you to see if your diet is working with you able to see the improvements besides your weight only. The scale has the ability to store up to 10 different information so that you can compare it when you weight in again to see whether have you improved or not. 

Beautiful Design

The scale is made from high quality grade tempered glass which not only it looks beautiful but it’s durable and long lasting as well. Besides that the overall design of the scale is made to fit in to any room no matter how your room interior looks like.

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